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Recruitment can cause headaches. Bad ones that don't always have an obvious cure.

Advertisements with leading job boards cost a small fortune, yet don't guarantee success. Recruitment agencies have finders fees as high as 18% - rendering them out of budget for many roles. Finding the right person is fast becoming needle-in-a-haystack stuff.

The teachers and leaders you want are often too busy doing the job to spend time conducting endless job searches.


So let us do the leg work for you.

If you want supply or agency staff drop us a line on or call our landline below.


When you know you have a vacancy, simply get in touch with us and we will provide you with profiles of suitable candidates who are searching for their next role.


If you like them, we will introduce you to them. You interview them as you would any other staff member - with added peace-of-mind that we have also conducted all Safer Recruitment checks before you meet them.

Each teacher or leader successfully hired costs a flat fee of £2299 - significantly below current market rate (typically 18% of salary). After the contracts are signed, we provides candidates with a package of ongoing retention support; CPD, high street discount package including gym, coffee and restaurant perks, 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme access and free non-unionised legal protection.  

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